Zambia Kasama Anaerobic Fermented Natural 12 Oz.

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Roast Level: Light Medium

Process: Anaerobic Fermentation Natural

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Red Wine, & Bakers Chocolate

Description: This natural Zambia coffee is our first roast in the world of anaerobic fermented coffees. What is anaerobic fermentation? Typically, the coffee is pulped as usual and then the parchment with mucilage is placed in an airtight tank, often stainless steel, with a valve to allow for off-gassing. This style of fermentation may extend the traditional timeframe of 12-36 hours by hours, or even days in some cases. The types of microbes able to survive and actively participate in fermentation is limited by the lack of oxygen in the air, and will likely substantially alter the end flavor profile. The flavor tends to be highly expressive and uncommon. This Zambia Kasama definitely fits this criteria. An immensely complex cup that we can't get enough of. On the front end, you get notes of creamy red berries, honey sweetness, and white peach. Immediately diving into deep notes of red wine, along side subtle notes of honeysuckle, lavender, and a bit of chamomile. These notes melt into its medium body, accompanied by a creamy mouthfeel. This cup finishes smooth, with a hint of red wine tannins that linger on the palate. Give this coffee a try while you can!