Who We Are

Our Story

Local Roasters Co. is a small company with a simple idea. Roast a variety of coffees, and roast them for all tastes. Founded in 2018 by a couple of coffee lovers, we are a business committed to growing the variety of coffee available in the Wichita community and beyond. Our coffees are roasted in small batches, bagged by hand, and nitrogen-flushed to ensure maximum freshness and an extended shelf life. As a small business, we try our best to responsibly source our green coffees from brokers and suppliers who support their coffee producing communities. We believe that coffee is as diverse as the people who drink it, and our mission is to reflect this back to our customers in everything that we create.


Our Staff

Colby - Co-Owner/Head Roaster

One of Local Roasters founding fathers, Colby has been roasting coffee since 2014 but working in coffee for much longer. He's done a hodge podge of other things throughout the years too, like being an interior designer, farmer, furniture builder, et cetera. He has been a musician his entire life and is still currently scoring short films and recording solo albums. Coffee and music are Colby's passions, and it really comes through in his work. Some people might even say he's funny, though most probably wouldn't agree...

Go-to Coffee Drink: Straight Espresso

Favorite Movies: John Carpenter's The Thing, Let The Right One In, Under The Skin, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining, and Rushmore

If I Could Be Anything Other Than A Coffee Roaster: I'd be a cat...what? I guess that doesn't work, so I guess I'd be a voice actor, or something equally undervalued. A fax machine maybe?

Jason - Co-Owner/Business Manager

The other founding father of Local Roasters is our man Jason. Jason is the business backbone of LoRo while also acting as the man-in-charge at Spectrum Promotional. He's a gardner, a family man, and a chemist: ask him about his hot sauce experiments. Jason loves problem solving and loves to celebrate a solved problem with a whiskey on the rocks.

Go-To Coffee Drink: Drip coffee or an americano

Favorite Movies: Jason Bourne movies and whatever my wife wants to watch

If I were a geographical region: Costa Rica because of the varying typography and the really delicious avocados. 

Joslin - Sales Representative

Joslin is the newest addition to the LoRo team! She has an extreme passion for making an impact in people's lives to cultivate compassionate and patient understanding for every one of her relationships. Her ability to communicate effectively runs deep and she has spent many years collaborating with all different types of individuals. She unearthed a love for java by being a frequent night owl and juggling many ambitions. These include, but are not limited to yoga, meditation, rock climbing, hand-poke tattooing, thrift and antiquing, poetry, crocheting and so much more! Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas but Joslin loves to travel for camping and outdoor activities alike. This Capricorn sun gets the job done! 

Go-to Coffee Drink: Midnight Brew™ Jos’ own concoction of espresso shots over cold brew that was frozen in an ice cube tray. Nothing quite like it.

Favorite Movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Before Sunrise, Interstellar, Nightmare on Elm Street, and if all else fails, Don Bluth is the go-to comfort genre.

If I Were A Time of day: I would be Nautical Twilight…the time of day right before the sun makes its way around the horizon. In Twilight, stars are still visible in clear conditions while the sun's rays begin to engulf the night sky. This usually only lasts minutes and is very colorful and warm! A Perfect balance of yin and yang.

Alberto - Assistant Roaster/Production Assistant

Alberto has worked in coffee for over 7 years and is a Specialty Coffee Association licensed barista. He came into coffee after his time at WSU as an engineering student where he developed skills that he now uses as a foundation of coffee roasting and brewing! Alberto is originally from Las Vegas and after leaving WSU, he worked in various coffee shops and roasters on the west coast. During that time, he also studied at the San Diego Coffee Institute, where he received his Coffee Foundations and Barista licenses from the Specialty Coffee Association. Now back in Wichita, Alberto continues to research and study coffee in hopes of becoming a certified Q-Grader, a coffee professional that scores and classifies coffee quality, to better serve the growing coffee community in Wichita!

Go-to Coffee Drink: A 1+1: double shot of espresso split into two cups, one by itself and one with steamed milk.

Favorite Movies: Whiplash and Talladega Nights 

If I were an animal: I'd be a PARTY animal! 🤪 Or a capybara.