Natural Processed The Alchemist 8 Oz.

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Roast Level: Light

Process: Natural Blend

Tasting Notes: Raspberry Cordial, Lavender Mimosa, & Mexican Chocolate

Description: This carefully curated one off blend of ALL premium natural fermentation coffees is amazing, and roasted light this time around. This cup is extremely complex and extremely delicious! On the front end, you pick up on notes of raspberry cordial, blood orange, and pistachio. It then opens up to notes of lavender mimosa and graham cracker. The body is juicy and surprisingly bigger than you'd expect, and is accompanied by notes of buttered toast with a creamy, syrupy, luxurious mouthfeel. It finishes incredibly smooth and sweet, with notes of Mexican chocolate and a lingering raspberry cordial note carrying through. We wish we could make more of this coffee, because we cannot get enough of it! This will be the only batch of this coffee, so get it while you can!