Premium Curated Coffee Subscription 12 Oz.

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We pick the coffee! Our Curated Coffee Subscription promises to bring you an assortment of premium coffees we love! Be ready for an adventure, the coffees we send out may be light, dark or something in between; they may be from Central America, Central Africa, or somewhere altogether different.

Our promise: This subscription will always provide super fresh, first-quality, 100% Arabica Coffee in 12 oz. bags delivered to your door. Aside from this, nothing is set in stone, our staff will take you on an adventure! You will receive a mix of our highest quality and rotating coffees. The exact coffee(s) to show up in any particular shipment is a mystery!

Note: With this Premium Subscription, you will be sent coffees of varying value. The varying value allows us to share each of the premium and rotating coffees in our shop, no matter the sticker price.