El Salvador Finca Los Nogalas 12 Oz.

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Roast Level: Light Medium

Process: Washed

Elevation:  1350 MASL

Region: Atacó, Ahuachapán

Producer: Finca Los Nogales

Varietal: Bourbon, Pacamara, Ana Café 14

Tasting Notes: Citrus, Floral, & Sweet

Description: This coffee hails from Finca Los Nogales, located in Atacó, Ahuachapán, El Salvador. The small 15 acre farm lives beneath a canopy of Nogales trees, for which is named, at 1350 MASL where they grow Bourbon, Pacamara, and Ana Café 14 varieties. This cup is mellow, but very complex. Low acidity, yet has a touch of citrusy brightness. On the front end, you pick up on notes of subtle tangerine, and a nice subtle floralness, like that of wildflower and a tinge of marigold. The body is light medium, with a nice note of sweet, fresh baked pastries. It finishes smooth, with a nice lingering chocolate note that remains sweet all the way through. 

Espresso Notes:

Recipe: 21g of coffee into 42g of espresso output. Approx. 30-34 second extraction.
(Mahlkonig K30 grinder and Faema E-Nova A1 Espresso machine)

Central American coffees have been the most recognizable flavor profile for coffee since the mid 20th century. This Salvadorian espresso is a perfect example of why! It starts with nice subtle florals and a robust nuttiness on the nose. the espresso fills your mouth with a creamy and complex flavor of dulce de leche and warm spices like cinnamon and cardamom. The espresso melts onto your tongue gently with brighter notes of citrus. But the coffee finishes and lingers of soft florals like vanilla.

Recommended: This coffee is perfect for all your coffee cocktail needs! But I love it in a simple espresso soda. Just take a shot, add 2oz grams of simple syrup, 14oz of carbonated water, and finish with a squeeze of your favorite citrus fruit!