Colombia Timana 12 oz

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Coffee Roast Level: Medium

Elevation: 1,600-1,950 MASL

Bag Size: 12 Oz.

Tasting Notes:

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee

Description: This top lot Colombian coffee hails from the Timaná municipality of South Huila. Grown in the mountain valley of the Magdalena river, between the two main branches of the Colombian Andes, this region provides exceptional weather patterns for coffee cultivation. It is grown between elevations of 1,600 and 1,950 MASL and is a washed process coffee. The cherries are pulped and fermented for 16-24 hours, and are then both sun dried and mechanically dried until the optimum moisture content is reached. This coffee has impressive tasting notes, and we’ve really come to love it here in the shop. This cup opens with notes of plum brightness, a bit of cherry, and the sweet taste of honey. Its medium, rich body is accompanied by notes of deep, dark cocoa, with a very clean, smooth finish.