Caffeine Freak

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Coffee Roast Level: Medium

Bag Size: 12 Oz.

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Caramel, & Wild Honeysuckle

Ingredients: A Blend Of Arabica and Robusta Coffee

DescriptionFor those of you who need to get all the things done, and we mean ALL the things, Local Roasters has you covered! Caffeine Freak is jacked up with ONE AND A HALF times the caffeine as your normal coffee!!! Part of our Artist Series Coffees, the label was designed by none other than the fantastic Dustin Parker himself! A portion of every bag sold goes back to Dustin for his artistic contribution to this project. Caffeine Freak is blended with two Arabica coffees and one Robusta coffee. This cup not only has enough caffeine to help you get your dissertation completed in a 24 hour period, not to mention pull a house with a rope from one state to the next, but it also has incredible flavor! With medium acidity, it opens up with notes of blueberry, alongside sweet notes of caramel. Soon thereafter, you pick up on lush floral notes of wild honeysuckle with a rich medium body. This coffee has a creamy mouthfeel and a smooth finish. Coffee so good, you might just forget what you're drinking, but you know... don't.