Yeah, we love a nice hot cup of fresh brewed coffee, but Cold Brew is LIFE! The Toddy system is an affordable, simple way to achieve the tastiest cold brew coffee at home! The only other ingredients you need are water and Local Roasters coffee! Cold brew coffee utilizes TIME for brewing vs HOT water drip brewing methods. Utilizing cold water bypasses certain fatty acids and other compounds that tend to give your hot cup of coffee that "edge". You are left with a smooth rich concentrate that can either be cut with steaming hot water or ice cold water for a chilly pick me up! Or just mix that concentrate with the milk of your choice for a super smooth iced latte! If you want tasty, dark chocolaty, cold brew coffee look no further than our Modernist Espresso! You can even get it ground for cold brew on the website!

Check out the Toddy website for more info of why cold brew is so delicious! 

However you don't necessarily need a Toddy! All you need is course ground Local Roasters coffee, a pitcher and water! Pour half a 12 oz bag of Local Roasters into the pitcher. Slowly pour 3 cups of water over the top of the grounds in circular motions to wet all of the grounds down properly. Lightly submerge any grounds that still seem dry, with a spoon. add the other half bag of coffee. Repeat the wetting process with 4 cups of water, again ensuring that all the coffee gets saturated. This is important. Cover and let it sit for 12-16 hours.

You will also need something to strain the grounds out of the coffee, such as a mesh strainer and some cheesecloth. This is why I prefer the Toddy, as it has a rubber stopper in the bottom and a reusable fabric filter. So you can just pull the plug and let it drain. Pour the coffee through your straining device into another vessel. You may want to do this two times to get all the grounds out. What you are left with now is a rich coffee concentrate! Cut it with water, hot or cold, 1/1 or 1/2 depending on how you like it! Experiment with different ratios and find the one you like! 

Here are a bunch of recipes from Roasty Coffee! 


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