Tanzania Mwangoka Natural 12 Oz

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Roast Level: Light Medium

Region: Songwe, Mbozi District

Producer: GD Mwangoka Farm, Grivas D. Mwangoka

Process: Natural

Varietal: Bourbon, Compact

Elevation:  1450-1980 MASL

Tasting Notes: Raspberry Compote, Apple Mint, & Dark Chocolate Butter Cookie

Description: This coffee from Tanzania comes to us from the GD Mwangoka Farm, located in the Mbozi District and is situated at an altitude of 1980 MASL in the southern highlands near the Mbozi meteorite that was discovered in the 1930s. We are very excited to offer this unique coffee to you! This cup starts off with notes of raspberry compote, a slight herbalness, and a touch of almond. The body is light medium and has a creamy mouthfeel, accompanied by a subtle note of apple mint, dried flowers, and a touch of granola. This cup finishes smooth with notes of green grape, dark chocolate butter cookie, and has a lingering sweet herbal note. Highly reccomended!

Espresso Notes:

Recipe: 19g of coffee into 40g of espresso output. Approx. 30-33 second extraction.
(Mahlkonig K30 grinder and Faema E-Nova A1 Espresso machine)

This Tanzania's naturally heavy body is on full display in espresso. I purposely made a heavier water dose with this one to try and make sure the espresso wasn't overwhelming. It's so deep and rich in it's complexities! It starts with a nice baked apple sweetness and brightness that easily slides into a streusel and spiced chocolate body. The finish is buttery and fruity, like a fruit reduction or jam.
Recommended: I really like this spro in a mocha, hot or iced, this drink is beautifully decadent. the richness makes for one of the most luxurious drinking experiences you could have!