Brazil Café Delas 12 Oz.

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Coffee Roast Level: Medium

Elevation: 1350 MASL

Bag Size: 12 Oz

Tasting Notes: Herbal, Cashew, & Cacao

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee

Description: This limited run Brazil Café Delas is a naturally processed coffee from Ilma Gonclaves Muniz of Fazenda Peão. The farm was founded in 1984 and is located in Campestre, Minas Gerais. Ilma comes from a traditional coffee growing family. She was very young when she lost her parents and inherited - along with 7 brothers - the farm Bela Vista, also located in Campestre. She then bought 2 new properties (Peão and Peão de Cima). Today the family (Ilma and her children) have 11 farms, where the average production is 3500 bags per year. Unusual for Brazil, Ilma’s harvest is manual and selective to maintain high quality separations. It truly shows in this coffee. This cup provides a slightly bright herbal note on the front end. This is swiftly followed my strong notes of cashew and a tinge of salted caramel. The body is medium, with a creamy mouthfeel. Its smooth finish is accompanied by a rich note of cacao, leaving a very pleasing lingering taste. This is a great morning cup. It won't be around long, so get it while you can!