Rwanda Rulindo Kinini Natural 12 Oz.

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Roast Level: Light Medium

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1800 – 2200 MASL

Region: Northern Province, Rulindo

Producer: Kinini Coffee Cooperative – Kinini Village

Variety: Bourbon

Tasting Notes: Boysenberry, Butter Rum, & Clover Honey

Description: This coffee is produced in the northern province, Rulinda, in Rwanda and is processed by the Kinini Coffee Cooperative, which provided all that was needed to help these farmers grow coffee. On top of all of that, this coffee produces a wonderfully complex cup, which we think you're going to like! On the front end, you pick up on notes of boysenberry, violets, and pear. Soon after, prevalent notes of pluots, milk chocolate, and a touch of earthiness. The body is light medium, and is accompanied by notes of butter rum and raisin. It finishes smooth, with the earthiness peaking back through, along side a lingering note of clover honey. A really nice summer morning cup, that will surely leave you wanting another cup...and why not have one?? This is another in our rotating selection, so get it while you can! 

Espresso Notes:

Recipe: 20g of coffee into 38g of espresso output. Approx. 26-28 second extraction.
(Mahlkonig K30 grinder and Faema E-Nova A1 Espresso machine)

This wonderful coffee is one of the most enjoyable espressos in the shop! Nothing but complex berry goodness. Sweet and syrupy, the espresso sits on your tongue rich and buttery. The linger slowly settles in as floral and sweet, a nice green apple and lavender crispness that make you want to lick your lips long after!

Recommended: as one of the most versatile espressos I've ever had, there's almost nothing this wouldn't work with. Try this as an iced espresso lemonade this summer to have a nice refreshing drink that cools you down!

Shelf Life: An unopened bag will remain tasty for five months due to our processes and packaging. We remove most of the oxygen from each bag during our packaging process and replace it with food-grade nitrogen to lovingly cradle these precious beans for a long time. We use the highest quality bags with one-way valves to retain the low-oxygen environment we create and allow our coffee to off-gas naturally.

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