Kenya AA Coffee 12oz

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Coffee Roast Level: Medium

Elevation: 1700 ASL

Bag Size: 12 Oz.

Tasting Notes: Orange Zest, Butter, & Chocolate

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee

Description: This coffee, crafted from fully traceable sources of supply in Embu, Kirinyaga and Nyeri counties, epitomizes a great Kenyan coffee. Smallholder farmers, each with around 200 trees, work together in co-ops. Each co-op owns wet mills to process the cherries and receives freshly picked, ripe cherries from their member farmers throughout the harvest season. Disc pulping and separation are followed by 12- to 24-hours of dry fermentation, then to washing and overnight underwater soaking. The resulting parchment coffee is very clean and full of the flavor. With mild acidity, this coffee has a subtle note of orange zest up front, immediately followed by a buttery chocolate note that settles nicely in its medium body. It has a creamy mouthfeel and finishes smooth with a bit of a caramel note. This Kenyan coffee is great on its own, but takes cream and sugar wonderfully.