The Alchemist 4 oz

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Coffee Roast Level: Light

Bag Size: 4 Oz.

Tasting Notes: Fresh Berries, Hibiscus, & Malt

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee

Description: Much like an Alchemist, our roaster used what he knew about the coffees involved, then he blended what we had left of each pre roast and carefully roasted them to create this one-off blend for you to enjoy! MAGIC!! This is a blend of three different African coffees, and its subtle complexity is amazing! Starting with medium acidity and very sweet notes of both pineapple and black currant. Traces of strawberry notes show themselves along side its incredibly buttery mouthfeel. Soon it takes a bit of a heavier turn, within its medium body you taste notes of dark chocolate and molasses, but finishes very smooth.